Hi there and welcome to Flashback!

I recently found Neocities and it gave me many flashbacks of my days on Geocities, Angelfire and Tripod.

Back to the days where everyone used tables (or frames) to make their websites pretty and we hadn't much heard of divs yet. CSS was something new and wondrous.

Remember having to prove your worth so you could get sub-domain hosting on someones domain? When only the lucky few were able to afford domains and the hosting to go with them.

All of these thoughts had me missing the days of old and so, I decided to create this site to pay homage to those times. Don't worry, I decided against a splash screen boasting all the cliques and webrings I'm a part of (do they even exist anymore?) and, while there are lots of absolute sizes in the css (the horror) there are no resolution requirements in sight. I did however check browser compatibility and yes, this is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and even IE.

Fortunately, my glory days are also after clashing text and backgrounds with animated gifs adorning every spare pixel. Instead, welcome to the world of tiny font sizes, justified text and lots of white (or in this case, charcoal) space.

I also very nearly aligned the table to the right, boy did I love a right aligned layout.

It has been a fun time travelling experience making this site which didn't rely on me having to know any php! Instead, all it took was remembering back a very long time on how to code a basic table. I won't admit to how long it took me to get this 1 column, 2 row table working. It's a little embarrassing.

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